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KX94V - Renegade+ Viz by KARBONHEX


#Winter#safety#gloves are essential in protecting working professionals hands in hazardous jobs from the extremes of winter weather that expose them to cold & wet conditions making even the most basic job more difficult to accomplish, not too mention more painful in the event of a slip, knock or bump!! There is nothing worse or more dangerous than cold, wet hands & fingers with reduced feeling when working with heavy equipment/machinery, sheet metal, iron/rigging, pipes, chain & tools that are often wet, oily & greasy exposing hands to impacts, cuts, slashes and puncture hazards.

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KX94V - Renegade+ Viz by KARBONHEX

#Cut #resistant, durable heavyweight Hi-Viz winter lined seamless handling glove that offers warmth & dryness with a textured foam latex knuckle dipped coating for great wet & dry grip and #liquid #resistance. Flexible anti #impact #guard zones provide impact protection to the rear of the hand.

> Sandy Foam Latex 3/4 coating provides excellent wet & dry grip while protecting from water & liquids

> Cut resistant #Hi-#Viz heavyweight seamless 10g knitted #thermal shell with brushed fleece lining provides all-day warmth & comfort

> Maximum #dorsal #impact #protection to fingers & knuckles while remaining flexible & dextrous due ‘VARIFLEX’ Impact patented technology.

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